Friday, September 14, 2007

Final Thoughts

My journey through Learning 2.0 has been both frustrating and challenging but culminated into rewarding experience. I have learned a great deal though it all. Without participating I would have deprived myself of gaining much knowledge of what the internet has to offer. My favorite discovery was "Pandora," I just love it, I am most excited about that website. I have also learned that there are alot of profanity on "YouTube"...., and nudity (photo's etc.) on the internet. As a very opened minded person it doesn't offend me; I just overlook it and move on. On the flipside, I did enjoy viewing the music video clips on "YouTube". I've even posted "SugarLand' (Stay)on my blog... Besides enjoyment, I've also learned that "Zoho's" word processor and spread sheet application is really GREAT. (Will the MS Office Programs be around in the coming years????)....Hummmm. Creating "RSS" feeds... well... I could do without it.... I will continue to use "Favorites," (I do not visit alot of websites,) but thank you for sharing the experience. I could go on and on but I'll stop here...

In the future, should HCPL offer another discovery program, I will except the challenge and be a participant. One should never stop learning; except challenges; and be open-minded though the entire process.

The learning experience has been great and has opened new insights which will definitely help me both personally and professionally; present and future ; in keeping up with technology the internet has to offer. The knowledge gained also strenghtened my "7 1/2 Habits of Life Long Learning". In closing, I would like to thank "HCPL" for allowing me the opportunity!!!!

Week 9

YouTube is awesome.. it's so cool to be able to search and view videos of my favorite artists etc.... I certainly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

I have viewed the podcasts of the libraries provided and I think all of them are wonderful. It would be a GREAT idea if HCPL would create a podcast also. In the future I will try to create my own podcast, just to see if I can do it also....(Just for fun)

The NetLibrary application is wonderful. I downloaded a preview of "Adam vs Jefferson," downloading only took a minute and it was so easy. I will down load it on my MP3 player that I currently own. I should have visited the site sooner!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 8

I created a Zoho writer account and experimented with both the word processor and spreadsheet tools. I absolutely enjoyed both. I will definitely use it in the future as an individual and with collegues. Will Microsoft be needed in the future...????

I particularly enjoyed Pandora, selecting only the music/songs of preference is wonderful. I did enjoy reading about the artists as well. As I mentioned in the earlier exercise, I once again got excited about flickr, it's a get tool for sharing, organizing and storing pic's. Biblio is another link of interest, finding used and new out of print books would be helpful to customers.

Week 7

Wiki: I have used it and continue to use it as Alan and Deidrah were the creators of the Norrisville wiki. It is a useful tool in providing relative information that is useful to all staff members. I certainly enjoy it as a source of information.

I was fimiliar with Wikipedia prior to this exercise and used it in the past but not as an accurate source of information. The main reason is due to the fact that anyone can edit the information.

I was very impressed with the libraries wiki's that were provided. All sites provided very useful links and I tried many of them during this exercise.

The SandBox Wiki was soooo much fun and very easy to use.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 6

Just finished browsing the different site that was recommended. Hmmmmm it was fine... but my personal feeling is..... because I don't visit many websites, I would much rather save the several that sites that I visit to "Favorites". I do know that I won't be using in the near future. (Nothing Personal)

Technorati might be a great tool for many, but for me I'd rather use the Google Search Engine as I am not concerned about what others have to say. I did love the photographs that others have shared. Although I could have gone directly to flickr to see what others have shared. Top Blogs... hmmmmm seems like a lot of sexual content are posted on there.... well I guess it's an open forum... but not interested.

Everyone has there opinions on the future of libraries, I did find there perspectives interesting. Expecially "Away from the "iceburg," It made me feel very fortunate to work for HCPL.... I do feel very blessed!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 5

Very much FUN, I must say! Really enjoyed creating the Yahoo Avator.... this it is really neat stuff. (NO STRESS thats for sure). Tried the Meez also, it was okay. Don't think I will be revisiting that site much in the future.

The "Library Thing" was really cool.... and very user friendly. Now that I have created an account, I will be using that site quite frequently :-)

I registered and explored Rollyo today and created search sites for news and travel. Thought it was fine but don't think I'll be using it much at all..... I find that searching on Google is better for me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 4

RSS feeds are the coolest, I enjoy the fact that now I will not have to search for individual websites with can be time consuming especially if I am in a time crunch. I have explored both technorati and feedster; I enjoy them equally and each offers categories that interests me. I certainly appreciate how easy it is to use.

Merlin is great... it was refreshing to go back to that site! I have taken online computer courses through Merlin in the past which made me quite familiar with that site and what it offered.
My Journey through Library 2.0